It won’t cost you a penny to talk to us...
but it could cost you THOUSANDS if you don’t!

These days your credit report and scores are checked several times a year for so many things such as:

- Buying or leasing a car
- Buying a renting a home
- Getting a job, a promotion, or security clearance
- Getting auto, home, health, and even life insurance

- Starting a business
- Getting licensed and bonded
- Opening a bank account
- and the list goes on…

So you better be doing EVERYTHING you can to ensure your credit is EXCELLENT!!! - And if it’s NOT, we can help! 

With ALL the Data Breaches, Identity Theft, and Fraud going on, you MUST be informed about what's on your Credit Reports and how it will affect your life:

- In 2017, 1 in 15 people became victims of identity fraud.
- That is 16.7 million victims last year, an increase of 1 million from 2016.
- There’s a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds.
- Data breaches are becoming more prevalent and 31.7 percent of data breach victims experienced Identity theft.
- There were 1,579 data breaches exposing 179 million records in 2017.
- It takes most victims of identity theft 3 months to find out what’s happening, but 16 percent don’t find out for 3 years.

It's Become So Prevalent that “60 Minutes” Did a Report Showing More Than 40 Million Americans With Mistakes On Their Credit Reports.

This is a 4 BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR industry for the credit bureaus, creditors, and the banking system and they DO NOT want to fix it, so it’s up to you to challenge the bureaus with the laws to remove ANY & ALL unverifiable information!

That’s where we can help you!

Our Service: You will have a team of professionals​ who understand the many laws and your rights to legally get ​up to 100% ​of inaccurate & unverifiable removed from your Credit Report permanently!

As a bonus, ​we​ will give you valuable education on the “rules of the credit game” and how to increase and maintain excellent credit scores.

For instance, did you know that 35% of your credit score comes from use of credit cards? If you don't have or don't use credit cards wisely you could be hurting your credit scores as much as 100 points or more!

We go into great detail to provide the best possible service & education to our clients to improve their overall Credit Profile & Scores - which will change your FINANCIAL FUTURE FOREVER!!!

For More Information and to Schedule Your FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation Click the Button Below. won’t cost you a penny to talk to us, but it could cost you THOUSANDS if you don’t! won’t cost you a penny to talk to us, but it could cost you THOUSANDS if you don’t!

“I have to say I was reluctant to have the assistance of ACE Credit Restoration only because I have always attempted to pursue this on my own but this has been the best move I’ve made yet – for both my wallet and my credit.  Thank you!”

Joe – New, York, NY

“With over $40,000 of loans in collections I did not know where to turn.  But after a friend referred me to ACE Credit Restoration, it was like a breath of fresh air!  Not only did they teach me how to negotiate, but they helped stop the creditors from calling and threatening me. We were able to settle for a lot less and remove all those derogatory items. Thanks!”

Brenda – Dallas, TX

“I wanted to thank you for helping me raise my credit score.  Your service has raise my Equifax credit score nearly 100 points.  Because of this I was able to buy a car with a loan from my credit union.  I got a great rate thanks to you.  I really appreciate it and I will recommend you and your company to anyone that needs help.  Thanks!”

Neil – Dripping Springs, TX

“I just pulled my Credit Report and 3 Scores.  By following your advice, I had increases of 40, 60 and 70 points since May of this year.  If you recall, I was trying to boost my scores to refinance my auto loan in September and to pick up a used commuter car.  Things are looking up and I truly thank you for your advice!!!”

Jeremiah – Clinton, NC

“This  has been the most helpful and diligent service for me.  They are responsible and I would highly recommend ACE to anyone in need of credit help.  I fully trust ACE as a valuable service and I am glad I used them.”

Ted – New York, NY


For Example: If you finance a new vehicle every 5 years for the next 30 years with bad credit, you could be paying an ADDITIONAL $113,040 for your vehicles.

Add the $696,600 in extra interest for mortgage payments over the next 30 years, and you’re looking at a real cost of:


With Poor Credit You Might As Well Be Flushing ALL That Money Down The Toilet!

And if you would have conservatively invested the
$809,640.00 over the 30 years,
you could have turned it into $3,396,681.26!!!

Are You a Mortgage Loan Officer, Realtor, Personal or Business Loan Agent, Financial Planner, Auto Finance Agent, Bankruptcy Attorney, or Insurance Agent?

How would you like to double or triple the amount of MONEY you make this year?

We can help you do that by fixing your non-qualified clients credit which will help you:

-Get MORE qualified clients to the table
-Get MORE referrals from clients you’ve helped
-Get MORE leads by offering MORE services!!!

So, you need to talk to us ASAP and let us explain the value of what we can do for your clients and ultimately your business!!!

For more information or to answer any questions you may have,
Email: – or – Call: (512) 522-5512

HERE'S WHAT TO DO NEXT... won’t cost you a penny to talk to us, but it could cost you THOUSANDS if you don’t!

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*While we do achieve better credit scores for all clients, we cannot guarantee how much yours will increase or the likelihood that it will stay at the credit score achieved.

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